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About Director

Shruti Mishra is a seasoned Fashion Technology professional with nearly 7 years of experience in the dynamic realm of the fashion industry. She has skillfully overseen the apparel lines of renowned brands such as Vishal Mega Mart and ‘Mothercare.’ Her expertise extends to orchestrating end-to-end interfaces for prominent e-commerce players, including Amazon, Myntra, and Ajio, while curating children’s apparel for the esteemed brand ‘Mothercare.’

Shruti’s journey in fashion took a definitive form as she completed her Master’s in Fashion Technology from NIFT Delhi in 2018, following her Graduation in Fashion Technology from NIFT Kolkata. In pursuit of holistic expertise, she further honed her skill set with a diploma in Human Resource Management from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning in 2012.


Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the intricate beauty of Indian art and craft, Shruti staunchly advocates for showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of native artisans. Recognizing the pivotal role of handbags as a woman’s quintessential accessory, she embarked on an inspiring journey to fuse contemporary bag designs with the vibrant allure of Indian art and craft, all while championing the use of eco-friendly materials.

Shruti Mishra’s career is a testament to her commitment to creativity, sustainability, and the indelible charm of India’s cultural heritage.

About Director

Alka Sharma is a wonderful painter and devoted homemaker who gave up her goals in order to provide for her family. A stunning artist, however, cannot remain unnoticed for long. She had always had a talent for art and craft, and she was eager to try something new. She is a graduate from “Vidyavati Degree College, Ghaziabad”. She completed her post-graduation from “Meerut University” in Arts stream. Alka has dedicatedly worked with Railway women committees for years. She has made significant contributions towards Old Age homes, crutches and local schools while staying in Kolkata and Rajkot. Being a powerful and attractive woman, she assisted numerous women in Rajkot in becoming self-sufficient and obtaining a living by managing “Silaai Centers”.

 About Velka Trends 

Handbags are repositories of a woman’s essentials, empowering her to take on the world. They serve as women’s most visible and practical accessory.

VELKA Bags seamlessly weave vibrant, stunning, and distainctive Indian art and craft into cutting-edge fashion. Meticulously crafted with Indian customers in mind, VELKA Bags cater to a diverse clientele across the nation. Our designs are rooted in our customers’ preferences and the practicality they seek. Our product range is a versatile choice for professionals, homemakers, and college students, meeting a spectrum of needs.

We are dedicated to offering our clients handcrafted, cruelty-free bags. Our appreciation extends to the sounds of skilled Indian craftsmanship—the rhythmic clinking of needles, the gentle hum of sewing machines, and the precise snip of scissors.

As a brand proudly rooted in India, we hold a unique advantage. Our commitment is to expedite India’s journey of development through local manufacturing and global distribution. VELKA stands firm on pillars of determination, sustainable impact, and the harnessing of local talent. Our core belief revolves around providing products of unparalleled quality.

Bags Upcycling

Recycling and upcycling of handbags are essential practices that align well with sustainability and environmental consciousness. Customers can return the bags after they have used them to the fullest and we will get the discarded bags recycled/upcycled and create or transform the material into a new product. Upcycled products often have a distinctive charm, as they are born from creative reinterpretation. Recycling and upcycling contribute to the concept of a circular economy, where products and materials are used efficiently, and waste is minimized through reuse and regeneration. Both recycling and upcycling are valuable approaches to sustainable fashion and responsible consumerism. They empower individuals and companies to make environmentally conscious choices, contribute to waste reduction, and showcase the potential for creative innovation within the realm of fashion and accessories.

Velka Trends has signed an MOU with “GOONJ”,

A 25-year-old NGO for recycling/upcycling

Why Velka Bags

  • Unique Indian Tradition – In addition to functionality, Velka Bags embody the essence of Indian tradition. Our bags stand out as truly unique and exclusive, featuring distinctive prints, exquisite Gujarat embroidery, and elegant Kantha work from Kolkata
  • Durable and Sturdy – Velka Bags are meticulously crafted from premium raw materials to ensure exceptional durability. We prioritize meticulous construction to guarantee the longevity of our products.
  • Spacious Bags – Velka Bags are essential for daily life. Our extensive range includes small, medium, and large bags suitable for various occasions. Choose for yourself!
  • Comfort – Our bags boast a lightweight design, making them effortless to carry. The straps play a crucial role – sling them over your shoulder for a hands-free experience. Isn’t that convenient? With detachable straps and ergonomically designed handles, we prioritize user comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – Take an active role in preserving nature and the environment through the use of Velka Bags. Our bags are crafted from eco-friendly materials such as raffia, cotton, jute, and canvas. As a brand, we are committed to making conscientious choices, and we encourage our customers to adopt a conscious lifestyle as well.
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